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Hedgehog Xtra LG Full Cage Kit


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This is a lifetime size great cage set up for your new baby hedgie comes with a xlg cage that is over 3 feet long 18" wide and 22" tall lots of room to run and play. Will come with a Wheel, Bedding, Bowl, Food, Water bottle, Igloo, & Snuggle Sack
If delivering hedgie sometimes cage can come with driver if not we will send cage kit ahead of time. Make it worry free and grab a whole kit (toys not included, but are on website for purchase)
  • $180.00
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Hedgehog Full Cage Kit Large


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Hedgehog kit is a great starter kit has everythign your hedgie will need. Large Cage, Igloo, Wheel, Snuggle Sack, Bowl, Water Bottle, Food. Have it all ready for your new baby
  • $150.00
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