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Aspen Bedding


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Aspen is a hardwood which contains no aromatic phenols. When shredded, it makes for an ideal soft bedding for small animals. The naturally absorbent shredded aspen is cleaned several times, removing dust and fumes that can be harmful to your hedgie's respiratory system. The unique texture encourages your hedgehogs natural desire to nest and burrow.

  • 2000 cu in $6.00
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Carefresh Bedding


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Carefresh Colors is a safe, healthy and fun bedding for you and your hedgehog. It's fun to use Carefresh colors to create a theme in the cage, color coordinate with your room or liven up your hedgies living space. Use as the sole bedding in your hedgies cage or make fun, colorful corners for your hedgehog to nest and burrow in.  Carefresh colors suppress ammonia formation twice as long as wood shavings. Your home and your hedgies living quarters stay fresher smelling longer.

  • $8.00
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